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    Are you wondering what those dark streaks are on your roof? And are you wondering if they can be cleaned off? The good new is YES they can! Those darkening streaks are actually an organism or a type of bacteria/algae that grows and feeds off of bits of limestone in your roof shingles. That is why over time they continue to grow and the staining gets darker. The best way to get rid of this ugly bacteria is with a professional roof cleaning!  

    Why go with a professional service? Because with the wrong materials and tools, it is very easy to damage your roof shingles! It's in your best interest to call us today to get your roof clean before you try and do it yourself. Hire the best roof cleaner Providence RI has to offer!

    Roof Cleaning Providence

    Soft Wash for Your Roof

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    You can increase your home's curb appeal tremendously with an well-done roof cleaning! Additionally, getting your roof cleaned will maintain it's value and keep it functioning at it's best. If you let the algae and bacteria keep growing, eventually over time they will slowly eat through your shingles, consuming all the limestone in your roof. Often times we find an abundant growth of algae and moss growing on roofs that are not in direct sunlight, and near big trees with lots of shade. The bacteria has a perfect environment away from the harsh sun to thrive and grow. In these cases it is very important to tackle the problem before it gets worse by hiring a roof cleaning company to clean and treat your roof to avoid damaging your home. 

    Get Your Roof Looking Brand New!

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    Make your roof and home shine! 

    Our trained and certified roof cleaning technicians use only the most advanced techniques in the industry, with highly effective yet environmentally safe non-toxic products to treat your roof and restore it back to it's original color and cleanness. We always ensure that we are not causing any damage to the surfaces we clean, whether it is an asphalt roof or aging cedar shake shingles.  We also offer free in-home estimates where one of our team will come out and examine your roof and give you a quote on the job. As always, investing in a good roof cleaning comes at a fraction of the cost of getting a whole new roof! So give us a call today!

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    Quality Roof Washing

    As a fully certified and licensed company, our objective is to make sure every customer receives top-quality service from our well-qualified and meticulous cleaners. We always keep in mind that a roof is a big investment, and we aim to help you protect that investment with our professional cleaning service. Our goal is to help your roof get back to how it looked the day it was installed! Our preferred technique for roof cleaning is by using a hot water soft-washing method, with gentle solutions so as not to damage your shingles, or anything else on your house or on your property such as landscaping.  The equipment we use applies a low-pressure application method to evenly and gently apply the solution to your roof. We are committed to following top safety protocols as well. All our guys practice safe measures when cleaning roofs, and our tools are all industry approved. We take care to ensure the safety of our team, as well as the safety of our customers and their homes when cleaning a roof. 

    Roof Cleaning Providence

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    Roof Cleaning Cost - Protect Your Investment

    One of the most expensive features of a house is the roof. A new roof can be quite costly, so we like to encourage homeowners to have us out to examine the condition of their roof before considering replacing it. Many times the roof is in very good condition still but has a significant amount of staining, lichen, or moss on it which needs to be removed. To give fair warning, many times if a roof is not cleaned properly, after many years of buildup of moss and other bacteria growing on a roof can severely affect it's integrity, and a roof will end up needing to be replaced. But if you are looking to maintain your existing roof and help it last to it's full potential, schedule a roof cleaning today and your wallet will thank you. The cost of a roof shampoo is a fraction of the cost of a new roof, and in many cases your old stained roof will look like new!

    If you are at all curious about the process or the cost, please call us and we will be very glad to answer any and all of your questions about roof cleaning. 


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    ​It is so important to protect your roof and take care to hire the right company to clean your roof the right way! Our tools and experience with roofs can help you rest easy knowing that your roof cleaning is in capable hands. We only use soft-washing and hot-water techniques, with specially formulated roof shampoos that are safe and environmentally friendly, so as not to damage your shingles or weaken your roof's integrity. We are thorough, careful, and always mindful of our customers and their property. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on our home-owners' faces once they see the transformation of a bright clean roof! Sometimes the difference is like night and day! You are one step closer to seeing your own roof look like new again. Give us a call and we'll gladly come out to give you a free estimate! Learn more about the benefits of roof washing.

    We focus mostly on residential roof cleaning services, so we are able to keep our costs affordable for homeowners.

    ​If you request services from a large commercial roof cleaning company chances are you'll pay double!

    ​Call us for the best affordable roof cleaning rates in Rhode Island and Mass! 

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    We Provide High-Quality Roof Wash Services All Across Rhode Island


    What Clients Say

    We recently purchased our home in Providence, and thought we had to replace the roof. We had it cleaned first and found that getting a professional cleaning was all it needed. These guys did an amazing job!

    Sam W. / Providence

    I had a lot of moss growing on my roof, so we decided to call up a roof cleaning service and they did a nice job getting all the moss off. I've been recommending them to everyone I know.

    Lauren T. / Warwick

    They were reasonably priced, and did an excellent job washing my cedar roof. Don't think it will need to be cleaned again for another 8-10 years it looks great. Highly recommended.

    Ken S. / Cranston


    Benefits of Having Your Roof Cleaned

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    Prevent an increase in multiple costs

    Roof repair isn’t the only major cost that you could face because of a dirty or contaminated roof. The dark streaks are also preventing your roof from properly redirecting sunlight. For you, this means an increase in the costs to keep your home cool during the summer.

    In addition to increased cooling costs, your homeowner’s insurance policy could be at risk of being affected or completely withdrawn. As your insurance company updates their own records to ensure you’re being given a fair price and full coverage a representative may notice a dirty roof. They can issue you an immediate order to clean or replace your roof with the impending risk of losing your coverage. Insurance companies expect homeowners to take on maintenance in a proactive manner. Unfortunately with the health risks associated with mold, wood rot and destroyed shingles they often aren’t willing to take on the risk.

    Hiring a professional

    All too often homeowners buy a chemical solution in a pump canister and climb up on their roof themselves. Then after a few hours, much struggle and irritation they throw in the towel. Now any roof cleaning service that comes in needs to also wash the cleaned area to ensure that the chemicals they’re using don’t negatively affect what was already used.

    Roof cleaning is a tough job that requires patience and an eye for detail. Which is why our roof cleaning company will send out a team so the job is done quickly, thoroughly, and there is no risk of fatigue causing a drop in quality.

    An even better reason to hire a roof cleaning service is that, well, they might cost less than you think. The money you will spend purchasing all the materials you’ll need would cover much of the bill you would see from a professional roof washer.  It also means hours you won’t spend on your roof in the sun!

    Have your roof cleaned sooner, rather than later

    Although you may not yet see black streaks you could have early algae development. You can utilize a roof cleaning service for an estimate of how soon you will need a cleaning, what benefits would be available, and what the risk is if you delay service. Roof cleaning companies throughout Rhode Island are notorious for handling high algae growth. So you can be sure that these professionals have encountered heavy growth of algae, moss, lichens, and mold invading wood.

    If you suspect that your home may be at risk, it’s best to call for an estimate first. However, if you’re seeing black streaks, a cleaning is definitely recommended. You can get a free in-home estimate a few different ways. Who doesn’t love free? Call in today, or fill out a contact form and one of our representatives will help you schedule your free in-home estimate at a time that’s convenient for you!


    Answering some of your questions about roof cleaning.

    Is it a good idea to clean your roof?

    Yes, it is good to have your roof cleaned. However, it is important to get it done the right way so as not to damage your roof shingles.

    Is it ok to pressure wash a roof?

    It is not a good idea to use a pressure washer on your roof. This will damage your shingles and force water under the roof. Roof cleaning must be done with special equipment.

    What happens if you don't clean your roof?

    When there are signs of moss, mold, lichen and staining on your roof, if left untreated your roof shingles will erode and eventually your roof will need a costly replacement.

    Can roof shingles be cleaned?

    Yes! Hiring a specialist to clean your roof that has the proper equipment for roof cleaning, which involves a soft-wash treatment with environmentally friendly products will greatly extend the life of your roof.

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