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Are you looking for a shingle roof cleaning company or roof washing service and aren’t quite sure where to start? You’re not alone. After recognizing you have an asphalt roof, you realized that you might have more options than just replacing it. Often people hear that roof cleaning can save them from the high cost of replacing their roof at this time. But, that isn’t always the case. If your asphalt roof is old and significantly rotted or damaged, most likely you'll be better off replacing it. But before you try and diagnose your roof, let’s take a look at what an asphalt roof is, and what can (and can’t) be cleaned off of an asphalt roof. The best of advice, tips, and information straight from roof washers can be what helps drive your decision. 

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    What Is An Asphalt Roof?

    Many people’s homes have asphalt roofs. It is a top choice for home-owners that are re-roofing and a top choice for contractors as they build homes. But, what is it and what is it made of?

    Well, asphalt roof is the typical shingle style roof you see. Many different manufacturers have different formulas for the actual roof composition though. Asphalt is indeed the base for most manufacturers; the percentage of any given shingle that is asphalt can range from five to thirty-five percent. They often use cementitious filler and mineral fiber.

    That is what an asphalt roof is. Less than forty percent asphalt in even the best case scenarios. But, often these fillers are put in place to help with water-proofing or to prevent algae. Just because your roof may not have a high percentage of asphalt doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned. ​

    What Can Be Cleaned Off an Asphalt Roof?

    Asphalt Roof Cleaning RI

    But, what can be cleaned off of asphalt? Algae and moss are the biggest cause of stains on your roof. The benefit is that they both clean fairly well with chemical cleaning done by professionals. You may notice these stains as black streaks that run down your roof. Usually, the algae and moss growth is on the north or west sides of your home’s roof.

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    That’s right the black streaks aren’t just visually unattractive, they’re harmful to your roof. The algae and moss that grow on your roof are essentially eating away at the organic material in your shingles. They stay and eat until your roof is damaged beyond repair or you evict them.

    The roof damage isn’t the end of it though. If your lichens, moss or algae work their way through the shingles without being stopped they make their way onto the wood. Moss, algae, and lichens all bring moisture with them which leads to wood rot. Along with the wood rot, it leads to health risks for your family as mold develops and spreads.

    The overall potential damage:

    • Eaten away shingles
    • Wood Rot
    • Mold growth
    • Health risks associated with roof instability and mold

    So when in doubt, always call a professional! We offer free in-home evaluations and estimates, and will recommend the best course of action on how soon your roof might need a cleaning.  We have been working with homeowners here in RI for many years to help maintain their roofs. Call today!