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Cedar roofing is one of the most beautiful, and if properly maintained, one of the longest lasting types of roofing materials. A properly installed, well taken care of, high-grade, cedar shingled roof can last 50 years or longer. Cedar shake shingle is a natural material, but it is treated before installation. Cedar will not become damaged or decayed by itself, but when it is exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, wear and tear from the environment, as well as bugs, mold, mildew, and lichen, over time it can become weakened and darkened. Investing in a proper cedar roof cleaning from the Expert Roof Cleaners, is in yours and your cedar roof's best interest in helping make your roof last a lifetime.  Our company specializes in cleaning cedar roofs, and we use specially formulated cleaning products that are gentle and non-corrosive, as well as soft-washing techniques (no harsh pressure) to avoid damaging cedar roof shingles, but still get a brilliantly clean result. 

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    Things To Know About Your Cedar Roof

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    Cedar roofing can give a rustic upgrade to your home’s exterior. Cedar has several unique benefits over the traditional asphalt or metal roofing material. It’s a beautiful material, durable, and provides natural energy efficiency.

    Cedar roofs, if properly maintained, often can last up to 10 years longer than more popular roofing types, such as asphalt. They are naturally energy efficient—up to two-times more efficient than asphalt—which allows you to save on your heating and cooling costs.

    One major hitch with cedar? The material has very specific maintenance requirements that, if slacked on, can result in a big financial impact for homeowners. Here are 3 essential things to know about maintaining your cedar roof.

    There are specific ways to prevent moss and lichen buildup One major complaint of homeowners with cedar roofs is the moss buildup. For proper lichen and moss removal, regularly power wash your roof and consider having zinc or copper napthanate strips nailed at the ridge cap to prevent and control moss and lichen buildup. When power washing your roof, however, it’s critical that you do it properly. Improperly cleaning your roof with a power washer can lead to serious damage to your cedar roof.


    Benefits of Having Your Roof Cleaned

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    Never seal a cedar roof

    You shouldn’t seal a cedar roof. Never seal a cedar roof. One of the best aspects of cedar is that the material expands and contracts as conditions permit. Sealing your cedar roof will lock in moisture within the wood material, causing damage to your roof. Unsealed, your cedar roof will absorb and then release water as the water naturally evaporates with the changing weather conditions. If you wish to use a treatment to preserve your cedar roof, make sure the materials are water repellant, UV-inhibiting, and registered with the EPA. Paraffin oil is an acceptable material to use when part of a roof maintenance product.

    Remove heavy moss from your cedar roof

    It’s important that you clean out your cedar roof Heavy moss buildup and other debris can cause moisture to accumulate and damage your cedar shingles. Cedar requires air circulation around the shingles in order to properly breathe (expand and contract). If left subject to heavy debris buildup, the lifespan of your cedar roof will be impacted. Properly ventilating your roof will prevent serious damage like shingle warping and curling.

    Use a professional roof cleaner

    Use a professional roof cleaner to maintain your structure Cedar roofing is delicate. One seemingly simple mistake, like using the wrong power washing material or the wrong roof preservative, and you can find your beautiful cedar roof ruined and strap yourself with the huge bill of a roof replacement. Choosing a licensed, reputable professional roof cleaner such as Expert Roof Cleaners can save you a big headache down the road.

    When choosing your roof, picking a durable, unique cedar roof is a solid choice. But that choice comes with significant considerations. When faced with maintaining your cedar roof, choose a reputable professional roof cleaner for the job. Expert Roof Cleaners is here to help. ​