Are you a homeowner in Cranston, Rhode Island? No doubt then you’ve probably noticed black streaks on your roof, or maybe your neighbor’s roofs. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if those come off or if that’s just the fact of living in Rhode Island. Well, the good news is that with a simple, professional, roof cleaning you can extend the life of your roof. Not to mention significantly impact the visual appeal of your home.

Some slight fading or streaking doesn’t mean that you need to invest thousands of dollars in replacing your roof. Many homeowners spend too much on roof repair when what is needed is roof maintenance.

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    The roof on your home or business is exposed to near constant sun, fungus, dirt and extreme weather conditions. It’s no wonders that after a few years your roof isn’t quite so new looking. Many professional services offer power washing and cleaning. Hiring a professional can save you from buying or renting expensive equipment and ensures that only the appropriate chemicals are used. Unless you plan on cleaning your roof more than once a year, it usually isn’t worth it to buy your equipment and chemicals. Roof Cleaners RI can help your Cranston, Rhode Island home with moss removal and roof shingle cleaning.

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