North of Providence is the peaceful city of Cumberland. It’s known for the wonderful greenery and represents itself with the motto: “Great History. Bright Future”. With the intent Cumberland, Rhode Island has on preserving its historical beauty it’s no wonder there is a focus on maintaining the homes here. The community, with about 33,500 residents, the town vision of a historical presence with a bright future is no easy feat.

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    You can do your part by keeping your home in top condition. When was the last time you had your roof cleaned? If it’s been more than 8 years, you could have unknown damage sitting under your shingles. Calling in a professional roof cleaning service can help you assess any damage and begin correcting it. One very common issue throughout Cumberland, Rhode Island is moss growth. Because of the full scope of weather conditions that Rhode Island sees, moss removal is regularly necessary.

    Call in a professional roof cleaner to take care of probably your biggest responsibility as a homeowner. Taking steps to have your roof shingles cleaned can avoid issues such as staining, lichen, roof-rot, mold, fungus, and sagging. Roof Cleaners RI knows these are common issues and handles them regularly.

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