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In many locations that are coastal here in New England, the environment can be cool and damp, specifically near wooded areas, or near bodies of water. This can cause excessive amounts of moss to grow, and moss can often show up growing on our roofs. Why does this happen? Moss is a type of living plant that can actually grow on almost anything. Air-borne spores from moss can land and grow on sidewalks, trees, and also our roofs. Cooler months will often show significant moss growth. Although many may think that moss is simply a cosmetic problem, in reality moss when left too long can actually create a problem especially when it comes to our roofs.  Get a quote today to remove unwanted moss and potential damage from your roof! Fill out the form for a quick estimate, or click to call now. 

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    Can Moss Damage Roofs?

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    Typically, moss can actually be more damaging than lichen, mold, and mildew, and in general is a harder substance to remove and clean off of roof shingles. In very wet environments, moss spores can settle deep into the spaces between shingles, and sometimes we see moss that has grown more than a few inches thick. Roofs that are shaded by trees or north-facing can especially be susceptible to excessive moss growth. A thick layer of moss acts as a sponge collecting water and moisture, and will eventually saturate the layers of the roof it sits on. This can in the long run result in a leaky roof, and when moisture is constantly slipping under the layers of your roof, the wood can grow moldy and compromised. If you see that moss has already begun to grow on your roof, give the Expert Roof Cleaners a call before you risk hurting yourself or damaging your roof shingles trying to scrape off that moss. 

    Why Use Our Services for Removing Roof Moss in RI

    Roof Moss Removal Service Providence Ri

    Removing moss properly from roofs is a tedious and meticulous job that if not done correctly will result in having to repeat the process not long after. Rather than wasting your time trying to do it yourself, call the pros to help you out.  We use gentle, environmentally friendly products that are effective as well as safe in the removal of moss from your roof shingles. Our skilled roof cleaning techs are experienced with removing moss from all types of roofs, including asphalt shingles, terra cotta tiles, slate, cedar shake etc. If you are concerned about the condition of your roof and can visually see moss growth, give us a call today. We will take the time to come out and give you a free no-obligation, in home estimate to get that moss cleaned off your roof, before it builds up for too long and compromises the strength and life of your roof. And we all know that roof replacements can be quite costly! If you're searching for 'roof moss removal near me' give us a call! Extend the life of your roof by getting it cleaned today. 

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