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Many may think that clay tile roofs are only popular in Florida and warmer climates, but there are actually quite a few that choose to go with a clay roof here in New England, because of the strength, classic look, fire resistance, and durability that a clay roof brings. Tile roofing also holds up well to harsh cold climates and snow. 

Roof tiles that are made of ceramic clay, sometimes called terracotta tiles (which refers to the color), are some of the most durable options of roofing available. Not only do clay tiles require less repair and maintenance than an asphalt roof, but they are fireproof and often can last twice as long as an asphalt roof. Another popular option that resembles clay tiles, are concrete roof tiles which are also very resilient, are even more durable and won't chip like ceramic clay, and can even be customized to look like slate. In general roof tiles are much heavier and hardier than asphalt, but they do require cleaning occasionally, as well as care taken to be cleaned properly. Why do it yourself when you can hire the pros to clean your tile roof

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    Getting Your Roof Tiles Washed

    Because traditional clay roofs contain organic materials, they can often unfortunately develop moss and weed growth on them. This type of moss growth must be removed carefully and expertly so as not to have the growth repeated. Attempting to tear off the moss or weeds can dislodge the tiles and is not recommended. We usually need to apply a treatment to kill the moss growth first which wilts the roots and weakens their grasp, and then after a day or so we can wash the roof and remove any and all moss. We have seen thousands of roofs, at all different stages of buildup, dirt, moss, and growth, and can consult you on the best course of action to get your tile roof cleaned and back to it's original glory. Give us a call today for a free in-home estimate.