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Most homeowners are highly concerned with maintaining the inside of their homes when it comes to cleaning. But did you know you need to clean your roof? If you want to keep your metal roof in tip-top shape, you’re going to need to clean it from time to time. Different types of buildings have metal roofs, from homes to farming structures and industrial buildings. Regardless of the type of metal roofing your building has, proper care and cleaning is crucial to getting the maximum lifespan out of your investment. ​ Metal roofs are highly durable and weather resistant, however from time to time metal roofs also can build up dirt and dust, and can benefit from a professional cleaning service.

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    What You Need to Know About Metal Roof Cleaning

    Why Clean A Metal Roof?

    Why Is It Important to Get Your Roof Cleaned?

    Improper maintenance of your roof can lead to you needing to get it replaced prematurely. And with the cost of replacing a metal roof costing more than 20% of your home value in price, you’ll want to make sure you do everything you can to maintain your investment.

    Clean your metal roof on an annual basis, and think about deep cleaning your roof every 3-5 years. Make sure to give your roof a thorough inspection at least every year and keep the area free of debris buildup. For the best management of your roofing, inspect your roof for mold and fungus, and have an abatement plan in the event you find a prominent mold problem.

    How Do You Clean a Metal Roof?

    When you set out to clean your roof, you’ll want to wash the roof with a power washer and a gentle cleaning solvent. Choose a product that won’t strip the coating on your metal shingles (which can lead to obvious breakdown of your roof). Also make sure you don’t leave chemical residue behind to dry on your roof. Doing so can damage the coating on your metal shingles.

    Deep cleaning of your roof means that you or your professional roof cleaner will use a stronger detergent to restore your roof to a like-new look. Deep cleaning can rid your roof of persistent tree sap and other hard to remove materials that build up over time. Bacteria and mold, if left on your metal roof, can promote the development of rust, so it’s important that you make sure to keep your roof free of buildup. 

    Maintaining Your Metal Roof

    Keeping your roof clean can save you tons of money in the end. In some cases, neglecting to clean your roof can lead to costly repairs, re-coating of your roof, or a full replacement. Re-coating your roof may be a good option for those roofs that have significant wear and tear, but aren’t necessarily due for a full replacement. Regardless, the cost of a re-coat both in time and financially, can be a big hit for home owners and business owners.

    While a do-it-yourself option might seem appealing to some home and building owners, there are a number of considerations you have to take into account before taking on the quarterly or yearly maintenance of your roof. Hiring a roof cleaning specialist, like our expert RI Roof Cleaners, to maintain your roof can take a significant burden off your shoulders and help you to rest assured that your roof’s health is in good, reliable hands. ​